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 We offer networking installation setup and maintenance. If you have no network we can put together 2 or 200 computers depending on your needs, using the latest products and technology. We will design, layout your network to your satisfaction. No project is to small.

Key Benefits

  • Local, no long distance travel times to account for, adding cost to the project.
  • 10 plus years of experience working in a corporate environment.
  • You get the service that you expect at a price that is fair


Home Networking
Today the internet is a main source of information, Entertainment and communication. We can design and install a home network that provides the complete package of data, voice, and video. Work or play it will all work well together.
Small Office Networks
If you have a need to share an internet connection, files, or just a printer, we can make that work for you.
Managed Networks
If you have the need to share resources over a large network we can do that also, design or redesign it is all available.

Reference Accounts

Mark III
We designed and installed the network for the Sealy office for Mark III. Keeping gateways, File Share Servers, Plotters and network printers working as they are designed to. Approximately 10-15 users sharing resources from throughout the network to reduce overhead costs and make work flow faster.
Designed and redesigned, as the business grows and the needs grow so do the network. Starting with 2 machines sharing a small accounting file to an office with Shared wireless internet access, through a gateway file server. Providing an office of 4 the shared printer resources that continue to keep costs down.
Your account
This could be a link to your account. We look forward to servicing you.
Aradyne Industries Inc.
From the old 3B2 IBM machine to the current IBM small business server, we provide support and installation for a network that performs daily with tasks of internet connectivity, e-mail services, file and printer resource sharing, and security.

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