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We are now doing Hurricane Readiness.

Providing the solution to a quick and easy exit from the storm with your vital business data.

Ready to start where ever you are.

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We offer a complete computer service, if your system is not working o your satisfaction we will work with you to minimize the kinks and down time, we work on site and offsite, during working hours and when your business is closed depending on your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Local, reduced travel and expenses
  • 10 plus years of experience at a corporate network level
  • Learned from the ground up, before networks were popular, to the current interwoven systems
  • Microsoft Dos, Linux, MS 3.11, Windows 95, through the current XP pro workstations and servers.
  • Reasonable machines at reasonable prices.


We will be happy to discuss your needs and advise what will work for you.
If your system requires the special features that are not available in the preconfigured machine on the shelf , We will be happy to design and configure a machine for your needs.
Repair / Restoration
Maybe you have a machine that is just not doing as you remember it should, we can repair that machine or restore it to like new condition, removing failed parts or corrupt software. Today's' machines are used in situations that leave them vulnerable to infection of viruses and spy wear, causing each machine to act differently and slow them down.

Reference Accounts

Mark III
Build design and maintain machines from CAD to laptops
Provide the support to keep machines working and virus free.
Aradyne Industries Inc.
Build design and maintain office workstations for the internet and accounting needed for this business

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